Tempurpedic reviews

Here are Tempurpedic reviews:

Tempurpedic Weightless Supreme

Tempurpedic Weightless SupremeFrom the day I bought this mattress, I have been waking up nearly on the same position I slept. This has been good news to me. What’s more, it is soft and sinks in just as like it to. It is a perfect combination of soft surface and firm support. I love TEMPUR-Weightless Supreme mattress and is looking forward to use it for the next 20 years or so.

Tempurpedic-Weightless Select

I’m in my early twenties, healthy and have no back problems. I purchased Tempurpedic Weightless Select and so far I’m pleased with its performance. My entire life, prior to purchasing it, I slept on regular mattress. Tossing and turning characterized my night’s sleep, perhaps this is because I was never comfortable. However, when I brought in my new bed, my nights have changed and it is as quiet as ever. When I bought I thought it would not be as comfortable as what I hunted. But because I didn’t have the money to buy the ultra plushy cloud models, which I believed were better, I settled for it. As at now, I don’t regret my decision, the weightless select is firm and soft at the same time, making comfortable all night. Its appearance, another key factor that led me to it, is also great. The only problem I’ve is constantly waking up late because I hate getting out of it.


A few months ago, when my wife and I decided to buy the Grand bed at 10K, everybody thought were crazy and had money splash around. Yes, the bed is crazily expensive and I was also very hesitant to buy it. Nevertheless, this price was nothing to me if it could solve my night troubles.

We had to replace our old bed because I could never sleep on it without sustaining pains. My mornings were characterized by walking problems. I even opted to sleep on my living room floor with a blanket.

Our new bed has not disappointed us. After my wife walking on it a few times, it immediately softens up and it has been my ever softest sleeping surface. I sleep like a baby and have no pains at all. I feel fresh whenever I wake up and my mornings are now happier. 10K was the price I had to pay for my problems to fly away, and I would do it again if I have to. In fact, I’ve already ordered a Temper dog bed for my dog. I have already become huge fan of these products.


I have had my fair share of mattress exchanges with Tempurpedic simply because of defects. Currently we have a King Allura bed which also has smell issues. This is not just the usual temporary odor, it is more of a dirty wet rag smell. The company has now refused any further product change but they have advised us to sprinkle it with baking soda. The problem is nothing has changed, the smell is not dissipating.


My husband and I are very different people when it comes to surface sensitivity. He can comfortably sleep on concrete, while I have health issues. I have a herniated disk L3/4. So this is what made us to settle for the TEMPUR-Rhapsody mattress. Prior to this, we had a pillow top spring mattress and I would wake up with so much pain and awful muscle spasm on my legs, back and butt. Sometimes I could not even walk.

My husband could not watch me like this, so we decided that we should invest on our sleep and sacrificed our annual fabulous vocation. While I was disappointed at first, I think it is the best decision we have ever made. The mattress was delivered, we unpacked it and yes it did have some smell, though not as skunky as some reviews put it. The smell dissipated with time, and now one month down the line, it is very faint that I hardly feel it. I’m not very sensitive to smell, I can say.

My first night on it was not very promising, perhaps it needed time to adjust or it’s me who needed time. It appeared firmer than I expected, I was not even sure anymore if we had made the right decision. But with a couple of days things changed and now it is exceptional. No more tossing and turning, and my husband love it too.

TEMPUR-Rhapsody Breeze

I’m a 5’7″ tall female and about 140. I’ve read numerous positive reviews on Cloud Luxe, but to me it appeared as though I was sleeping inside the mattress than on it. For this reason, I’m still visiting a chiropractor because I misaligned my pelvis. The Cloud Luxe is very beautiful but it disappointed me and I had to workout an exchange. It materialized within 30 days, thanks to the helpful local store, and so now I have the Rhapsody Breeze.

I needed more support, and this could only be offered by a medium-firm mattress. Unlike sleeping on the Cloud Luxe, I no longer toss and turn. The sore lumbar area has healed and I now sleep soundly on the Rhapsody Breeze.

For any complains on Rhapsody Breeze, I would remain neutral to the matter. The only issue I had is that my local provider could only offer it on a one year interest free credit but the credit is rather extended at Tempurpedic.

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