Tempurpedic cloud collection

So, let’s talk about Tempurpedic cloud collection:

TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe

My wife and had gone to buy a foam wedge at Bed Bath & Beyond when we learnt of this mattress. We were on adjacent shop, and then my wife suggested we visit the bed store, LaSleep at Turkey Creek. When went it, Daniel Tolliver – the Bed Store Manager – carried out a demo on Tempur Cloud Luxe and we liked how it worked. His services were exceptional and he never pushed us to buy it. But since I had already bought a foam wedge, I had to return it and luckily I got full refund.

I’m enjoying stretching out on my new bed. When I wake up, it automatically restore itself to its original status. It has the adjustments for night’s sleep reading or watching TV. This Tempur Cloud Luxe provides us with the most comfortable nights than we never had before. My wife and I barely have mid-sleep wake ups due to the rise in temperature or body pains. We enjoy the bed so much that sometimes it becomes very difficult for us to wake up. We even sleep with our dog, Wally, which has already grown fond of the mattress. Like now, he is already sleeping and he always goes to bed before we do.

My wife and I took our time to see how the Tempur Cloud Luxe Mattress served us. But now we have spent adequate time with it and we are confident that it is our greatest ever buy as far as bed is concerned. I even wonder why I had to take this long to get it!

TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme Mattress

We replaced our 10 old basic TempurPedic bed with Cloud Supreme mattress, after the bed’s adjustable base failed to adjust automatically. Nevertheless, we love it and never thought we would get its perfect replacement. So we settled on a mattress that shares similar spoils as the split adjustable.

Cloud Supreme is soft on the top section, and indeed a luxury. Unlike our old basic mattress, the new mattress easily conforms to the body making it instantly comfortable whenever anyone sleeps on it. We have quiet and comfortable nights, given that there are minimal turnings throughout the night. I feel more revitalized when I wake up, thanks to the long healthy night’s sleep. The pains that I have been feeling at nights for past years have varnished.

In our guest room, we have a Sleep Number, but still and in our opinion, it is nothing compared to our Cloud Supreme.

TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme Breeze

My wife and I had been shopping for months for a durable mattress that would be comfortable to sleep on. We were spoilt of choices, but not many of them had concrete proof that they would perform as described by their vendors. Finally, we settled for the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breese, after a word of mouth and reading lots of positive reviews about it.

After buying it, we left it for 4 days to air out as we were advised. We have been sleeping on it since 15th April 2013, and wow, it has been amazing! I no longer sweat at night as I used to, the body pains are gone and I think it should be recommended for people with back or neck pains.

With all the pains gone, my wife and I barely toss or turn around during the night’s sleep. While I paid $500 for it, I don’t regret it and would do the same over and over again if I have to. Don’t hesitate to get this mattress; it’s worth taking a plunge for.

TEMPUR-Cloud Select

When I had to replace my mattress, I shopped for months, talked to different people and read many web reviews. Most people told me that the Tempurpedic cloud collection were excellent mattresses save for the price and smell. I never bothered much about these two defects as long as the mattress was comfortable and worth its value. After all, the smell was a temporary issue.

I ordered mine and when it was delivered, the odor was not as bad many put it. The mattress is cool; I’m surprised some people were complaining it being hot. Perhaps they are using thick comforter, unlike me who uses a light one and only a single set of sheets. All in all, I found out that the negative reviews are misplaced and ill-advised.

Since I started sleeping on this mattress, I sleep well and my spouse even better. In my opinion, there is no need to settle for the high-end cloud models which go for an extra 1 or 2k. Bu I suppose because this one serves me this much, the high models would be of great value.

The only advice I would offer the average Joes like me is to disregard the negative reviews on this bed. Maybe the critics are oversensitive group who go for high-end product. To me this mattress from Tempurpedic cloud collection is worth every coin.

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