Single memory foam mattress

LUCID by LinenSpa 8″ firm single memory foam mattress

LUCID by LinenSpa 8 firm single memory foam mattressI weigh about 165 lb and once in a while I strain my back. I needed a mattress that would help me relieve this pain. My previous mattress had failed to address lower back pains, so I didn’t waste anytime when I learnt of this mattress through a deal posted on another site. I settled on the California King. So far here is my review about it.

Five Stars for Comfort

When I bought it, I had never used memory foam mattress before. So I depended a lot on the reviews I read but none was categorical about its firmness. I like a firm mattress, and when I found it one, I was very grateful. The mattress was far much better than the spring mattress I had replaced. It adapts to your body temperature and maintains a comfortable cool sleeping environment.

Five Stars for Quality

The mattress was cleverly wrapped in plastic cover, packed into a high-density plastic bag and finally boxed for maximum protection. However, when the mattress was delivered by the UPS guy, its weight had overwhelmed the box. Anyway, as long as the mattress was in good shape, that was not a problem to me; after all it weighs slightly over 700 lbs.

I’m happy it comes with a warranty of 20 years, though I’m not certain I’ll be using this mattress for over a decade. The warranty also might not be easy to use given that the cost of shipping the mattress back might be equivalent to that of a new one, unless they cover the shipping cost.

Four Stars for Smell

When I bought this mattress, I expected some terrible smell as described in most reviews I have read. But when I opened it, the smell wasn’t that bad! In fact, it smelled just like any other new commodity. However, I will not rush to judge those who sensitive to smell. I denied it the one star as personal preference and to let those who are smell sensitive to be aware. But the artificial smell is bearable and only lasts for a couple of hours.

Five Star for Pain Relief

I begun by telling you that I had lower back issues with my previous mattress. I’m don’t buy the hypothesis that memory foams can cure back pains, but I will confess that I feel much comfortable ever since I bought this mattress. My lower back feel easy at night, and I’m still observing it to see if indeed the hypothesis will prove itself out.

Five Star for Overall Performance

I’m very comfortable with this mattress and do not have any issues at all. It is firm, just the same way I like; it conforms to my weight has helped my lower back. It is also affordable, something that is very primary to me.

How to Set Up

I built my own platform frame from hardwood to set this single mattress on. I laid it on six wooden planks which I do not feel at all when I stretch out on the bed.

LUCID® by LinenSpa 6″ Firm Memory Foam Mattress

When I was about to move to a new apartment, I wanted a whole new bed, so I ordered for this mattress. Earlier, I heard a lot of good news about the mattress and decided to give it a try.

It was not easy to move upstairs, though the problem was wholly own me. I opened the box, uncased the layers of plastic bags and wraps, and finally it unrolled to exactly what I expected.

The directions stated that it required 48 hours, laid flat, to fully expand. However, the mattress was so inviting that I could hardly wait for 24 more hours. The mattress is firm but soft, comfortable and just perfect for me. I hate sinking in mattresses, and this spared me sink in.

I slept on it on the floor for a couple of days before the bed frame arrive. On the bed, the LUCID memory foam mattress is my heaven earth. I feet so relaxed on it, and no back pain at all when I wake up. I love LUCID by LinenSpa single memory foam mattress.

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