Serta memory foam mattress

The Serta Gel-Memory Foam Mattress


With this our three layered memory foam mattress we offers custom sleep experience. The three layers include a 2.5-inch gel memory foam for comfort, 2.5-inch customized airflow foam for temperature control and 7-inch base layer foam which offers high density support foam.

Serta is a USA leading mattress leading brand. With a worldwide network, they are able to offer quality services and high quality products that meet very strict control standards and respond to the concerns raised by customers wherever they are.

Here is how the three layers work:

Gel Memory Foam

Our revolutionary gel memory is made with our exclusive open cell memory foam and gel support beads. Serta gel memory foam is designed to provide custom support where you need it most and a cooler sleep surface.
This layer is made to provide customized support to your body on the sleep surface. Open cell memory form and support beads are blended to make this layer. It offers:

  • Superior relief on pressure points
  • Effective and ideal body support
  • Cool environment all night through

Advantages of Gel Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress utilizes both thee benefits of Gel memory foam and our exclusive open cell memory foam to provide extreme comfort. It is a powerful flagship that offers superior body support, cool night’s sleep, and soft but mid-firm sleeping surface. Here are the advantages of using this product:

  • Minimal tossing and turning throughout the night’s sleep
  • Pain free nights and hence no mid-sleep awakenings
  • Corrects the spinal alignment
  • You don’t have to flip the mattress
  • You guaranteed of 20-years of comfort thanks to a 20-year limited warranty

Serta 12-Inch Gel Foam 3-Layer Mattress

Last Thursday, UPS delivered us a box, 4-feet high. When my wife and I unboxed the delivery, there was the new Serta 12-Inch Gel Foam 3-Layer Queen Mattress, folded and shrink wrapped with a plastic bag then stuffed in a heavy duty plastic bag.

The mattress was not easy to move into our bedroom, which is upstairs, but my wife and I managed it together. We unpacked and laid it on the bed; cut the wrap that curbed it from expanding and it expanded like an inflated balloon to a perfect queen size. As indicated in the product direction, there was a scent that slowly dissipated. Though I’m pretty sensitive to chemical smells, by the time I went to give the mattress a trial run, I hardly smelt anything.

Most of my nights had often been characterized with back and chest pains. This was in addition to overweight, sleep apnoea and insomnia. Of late, I’ve also developed other pains associated with my age (61). I didn’t expect all this to change, but this mattress has changed some things.

That night, I spared my wife the agony of making the bed. I did it with soft funnel sheets and then stretched out on it. I slept and never woke up until the following morning. This defied the odds, for several decades, I could hardly sleep with my clock music on. But I did this for over 15 minutes with increasingly loud music, before my wife switched it off.

Even though the mattress does not cure body pains, sleep apnoea or insomnia, nowadays I enjoy my nights. Generally, over the past few days I’ve had the best nights of sleep. Though I still feel aches in the morning, they have considerably reduced while at night I hardly feel them.

The warranty is for 20 years, so I’m guaranteed 20 years of comfort. I know my wife and I will be weak by the time we will need its replacement, so someone will have to help us set it up. But until then, I can’t wait to see how it fares.

Serta 10-Inch Gel Foam 3-Layer Mattress

It is barely a month since I bought this foam mattress, but I already love it. Ever since I started sleeping on it, the constant shoulder pains that characterized my mornings are gone. Instead I feel easy and rejuvenated, and the pains that I sustain throughout the day are also minimal. With it, I already feel as though I’ve made a lifetime purchase.

Perhaps you would want to know how I came across this mattress. I did the same thing you are doing right now; I read numerous reviews on memory foam mattresses. However, at the back of my mind I knew what I wanted – a mattress that is mid-soft and mid-firm. At last I settled on it, and it didn’t disappoint me. The mattress is neither too soft nor too firm. Though when I first laid on it, I felt it was a little firm than I expected. But a few minutes later, I realized it only needed time to conform to my weight. My body, especially the pressure points such as neck, shoulder and back, felt supported regardless of whether I slept by side or back. Actually, this is where most mattresses fail; they either press the pressure points too much, or are too soft and hardly support the body.

Try this Serta memory foam mattress, you will love it. Good luck.

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