Memory foam pillow

Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam PillowWhether you are a back or a side sleeper, this pillow is made with you in mind. For side sleepers, it has an ergonomic shape to provide total comfort by hugging both your neck and shoulder. This creates an enabling environment for spinal realignment. And if you are a back sleeper, the pillow offer maximum back comfort by curving along your natural body lines. The pillow also has both low and high lofts, and you have to decide your preferred sleeping position. Whatever you choose, both sides will support your head and neck all night through.

The temperature concern with the traditional memory foam is adequately taken care of in the design of this pillow. The introduction of the SureTemp open cell memory guarantees constant improved airflow, making the night cooler and comfortable for the night’s sleep. This advanced foam technology enhanced recovery and increased life of the pillow, and all these are achieved through a patented formulation and manufacturing process.

Product Benefits

  • Relieves pressure on the pressure points by making your body relax
  • Encourages tossing and turning free nights
  • Conforms to body weight
  • It moulds the shape of the body, and supports all the necessary areas.

Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow

Ever since I discovered this pillow, I stopped hopping from one pillow brand to another. I had never found a pillow that met my requirements; neither too soft nor too firm and neither too low nor too high.
I tried many memory foam pillows including the Dream Coil, Tempurpedic and Therapedic, but none would solve my woes. I would say they worked fair enough, but during winter they were a little too firm for my herniated cervical disks condition. And during summer, they would curve well against my body curves, but they got too warm and allowed heat to sink in. I would constantly change my pillows at night to prevent the heat sink, but was I supposed to that or sleep?

I embarked on another journey to find the best memory foam pillow, and this time round, I settled on the Iso-Cool pillow – the contoured model. I’ve never had one like this; it made feel as though it was made for me.

I’m a side sleeper but on few occasions I wake up on my back. Nevertheless, this pillow performs regardless of my sleeping position. It offers perfect blend of support and softness; it is neither too firm nor too soft and maintains this status all night through. It does not soften up during the night to allow heat sink.

After failing to get a pillow that suits my condition, I never expected this much from this pillow, though I knew I wanted a “stays-cool-pillow”. The pillow is astounding, does not heat and is comfortable to sleep on all night.
I’m very particular when it comes to pillow choice, however this one overwhelmed me. I would highly recommend this pillow to anybody who shares the same troubles and health condition as me.

I’ve already bought a replacement for the one I currently use, just in case they are out of the market. I don’t want to go through the same process over again, trying to find the best memory foam pillow. Otherwise, I would have to hunt down the stocks through the internet, just as I did a few years ago when I had to replace the Dream Coil pillow.

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