Lucid 10″ Memory Foam Mattress by Linenspa

LUCID by Linenspa 10 Memory Foam Plush Viscoelastic Mattress is purposely designed with superior materials in order to offer the greatest level of comfort and quality to the customers. The mattress is made with open cell foam so as to offer a doughier, resilient and softer mattress. You will definitely enjoy the antimicrobial resistance offered by this foam and thereby protection from dust mites, mold, bacteria and allergens. Unlike Serta mattresses  it comes with a 25 year warranty assuring a glut of security if the product gets damaged or deteriorate by any margin in the course of its use.


Therapeutic worthiness

This 10 inch memory foam is particularly good for the people that have back problems as it offers total relief from their sore joints. At the same time, users will feel the easiness due to the fact that it is indeed very soft despite of being sturdily built. Naturally, this mattress is not an ordinary one but antimicrobial and highly resistant to allergens, bacteria, dust mites and mold.

Easy to assemble

It is such a vacuum pack that is very easy to transport and as well set up. All what you need is just to get the package and watch how it expands in settings.

A massive warranty

It is portable and manufacturer gave 25 years warranty which protects the foam and provides the customers a great protection against the defects from the manufacturer.


Unpleasant odor

It has a pungent odour that takes a longer time to dissipate despite much airing out. Any blanket spread on this mattress or any cloth that come around or on it, the odour might not be easy to air out and thereby condemn the cloth for the day unless watch

Design fault

According to few customers, it is too firm to feel comfortable during sleeping. Besides, the fact that the foam makes one sink into the next layer of the foam forcing everyone or the users believe that it is of high quality structure just as if one is sleeping on plain or ordinary foam. It gives the users additional expenses on buying another layer of cloth to spread on the mattress before lying on it or placing blanket on it.

A decent one!

LUCID by Linenspa 10 Memory Foam Plush Viscoelastic Mattress is definitely worth of buying as it has some quality features. Nevertheless, like the other predecessors of this series it has also been critized for its minor designing fault and bad odor. On the whole it’s a decent one to deal with!

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