Double Memory Foam Mattress

Here are best double memory foam mattresses:

Full 8″ Memory Foam Mattress with 2″ Air Flow Cool Foam – Full Size

Full 8 Memory Foam Mattress with 2 Air Flow Cool FoamGenerally, what made me buy this mattress is its price. Before I came across it at Amazon, I had searched long enough for a cheap comfortable mattress.

The mattress is very easy to use. It expanded fast, just as quick as it opened up, and in just a few hours it was ready for me. Unlike other people, I hardly smelt the odor I read in reviews. I never had a clue how it smelt until I put my nose on the mattress. But to me, it is still not bad.

The morning that followed my first night on the mattress was a bit bumpy. My boyfriend and I are not sensitive to mattress comfort, and could only tell we had a rough first night on it after we felt sore backs. What surprised me is when I sat on it; it conformed to my weight and quickly recovered when I stood up, but why were our backs sore? However, I finally had a good explanation; your body weight is spread all over when you lie on the mattress, but when you sit, the whole weight is focused at one point.

So our bodies could barely sink on it. The following night I had to prepare 1.5-inches of foam toppers, which I still use today. This double memory foam mattress has been very comfortable since I started using the toppers. I also realised that my sheets fit well on an 8-inch mattress better than a 10-inch one which is rather large, and even worse if you add the foam toppers.

Tempurpedic Double Memory Foam Mattress like Tempur Cloud

Ever since we bought the Visco Heir ET mattress by BedBoss, my wife and I’ve been having smooth sleep all night through. Every morning I wake up fully rejuvenated and during the day I’m more alert and energetic. My wife, who is sensitive to chemicals, too has her confessions.

Before we settled on this mattress, I had to be sure that it does not emit toxic fumes. There are some mattresses in the market that are made of petroleum-based materials. Such mattresses often release toxic gases as they aerate. BedBoss mattresses are certified by CertiPUR-US, and therefore I didn’t have any doubt to settle on this mattress. I learned that they use renewable materials such as bamboo, aloe vara and cast oil instead of petroleum products. And this mattress, BedBoss Visco Heir ET, has not disappointed us from the time when we bought it.

brand has been able to stay cheaper than other brands because it uses health friendly materials and it does not spend hugely on marketing like other brands do. The high quality mattresses cost almost half the price of the other major brands. My wife and I can’t stop recommending these mattresses to friends, family and any other interested person.

This double memory foam mattress has performed beyond my expectation. My fingers have been burnt quite a few times and so when I had a first good night, I thought it was all a psychological thing. But since I bought it, I’ve consistently had motionless sleep, and all thanks to it. It perfectly balances my body, and I no longer feel sore back, neck or shoulder pains when I wake up. Before I bought it, I never thought I would have such uninterrupted night sleep. For such luxury, it would cost three times the amount I paid. I can’t be grateful enough. The customer service representatives of BedBoss are also exceptional. They will even remember your name.

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