Cheap memory foam mattress

Here are the best and cheap memory foam mattresses

LUCID by LinenSpa 3″ Folding Memory Foam Mattress

lucid foldableThis memory form mattress is made of up of two layers, a 2-inch premium memory foam layer that adds comfort and relieve pain, and a one-inch high-density foam layer that makes its firm. The firm layer is at the base while the premium layer is where the body rests.

The mattress is a combination of convenience, luxury and fair price. Made of the open cell technology, it keeps your sleep cool and comfortable by allowing air to flow through it. Since it is resilient, the mattress conforms to weight and pressure, and it leaves no body impressions. It does not include any natural or synthetic latex and are designed in standard dimensions. When you buy it, be assured of comfortable and painless nights as it relieves the pressure on the body’s natural curves. By doing this, it correctly aligns the spine and relieves back, neck and shoulder pains. When sleeping on it, constant movements when sleeping are unheard off.

The durable mattress is antimicrobial and dust mite resistant, yet it is still covered in an antimicrobial cover and comes with a 3-year warranty which will offer you a peace of mind after purchasing it.

Customer review:

Glad I bought them. I do recommend them but please buy the mattress protector to keep them dry which a sheet alone can’t do. Kids will be kids and I already cought the boys sitting on the mattresses and eating popcorn and having a can of open soda in their hands.

I have three of these mattresses for my three grandsons who are ten, eleven and thirteen. My love for these mattresses is based on the fact that they are soft, comfortable and easy to fold. They fit in well in the trunk of my car and leave a whole lot of space. My grandsons love them and when they come over at my place, I just lay the mattresses on my carpeted living room. The boys are often very comfortable on the living floor than when they had to sleep separately, two on the living room’s sofa bed and another on the couch. They now sleep side by side. And when the boys leave, I easily slide them under my beds but ensure that I put on their protectors, which I separately bought, to help them stay clean.

One day when we had a sleepover at the boys’ home, I remember, I carried the mattresses. The other boys, who slept on sleeping bags, only wished they had similar mattresses.

Night Therapy 6″ Memory Foam Mattress – Twin Tan

Night Therapy 6 Memory Foam Mattress - Twin TanThis mattress is ingeniously made and has two layers, a 4.5-inch high-density foam and a 1.5-inch premium memory foam. The former offers supreme support while the latter ensures that you enjoy your sleep by offering ultimate comfort.

There are four features that define the Twin Tan Mattress;

1. Comfort
A good and cheap memory foam mattress should offer comfortable sleeping condition. We made this mattress to make your sleep as comfortable as possible. Be wakened, the comfort of this mattress might make you do nothing but sleep. While sleeping is healthy, you don’t want to miss your daily schedule. However, if you have been missing quality sleep, it is time to start having some with the Night Therapy 6″ Memory Foam Mattress. The 4.5″ and 1.5″ layers will make you have the best nights like you have never had before.

2. Scent
Most memory foam mattresses have a distinct odor, but our mattresses are treated to naturally overcome it. This is achieved by infusing Evergreen and ActivCharcol with the memory form. The Evergreen, a tea extract, plays the role of naturally counteracting the smell. ActivCharcoal on the other hand winks away moisture to curb odor bacteria.

3. Environment
As you have noted, this mattresses embraces the use of green technology, Bio Foam, to provide a relaxed sleep environment. The materials used to make them are environment friendly, and safer for you. In place of petrol-based chemicals, we settle for materials made from natural seed oils to conserve energy. We use this in all our use in all our mattresses. We further guarantee you safety, as our mattresses go through the CertiPUR-US certification. The process is rigorous, comprehensive and only high quality products are passed to the market.

4. Warranty
When you buy your mattress, you expect it to last. We understand this and this is why we offer you five-year limited warranty of rejuvenating and relaxing sleep. If you have this cheap memory foam mattress, kindly let us know how it is serving you.

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